Death By Diet

Death By Diet

Heart Disease risk

Sadly, most people are on a diet comprised almost totally of the wrong building
materials. We call it The Standard American Diet, a DEAD food diet that is
loaded with toxins. Thus, physical breakdown (pinging and knocking)
progressively gets louder as they go through LIFE! Maybe it’s a little high blood
pressure or high triglycerides. Maybe it’s high cholesterol. Maybe it’s a
little arthritis or bursitis. Maybe it’s hypoglycemia, or acne, or dandruff! These physical breakdowns are almost always the result of
placing the wrong fuel into our bodies, a predominantly DEAD food diet, loaded
with toxins.
If we stay on that low octane fuel long enough, the pinging and knocking
becomes progressively louder as we continue through LIFE. It may be arthritis,
deteriorating to the point where we end up in a wheelchair, or diabetes that
deteriorates to the place where our kidneys shut down, a limb needs to be cut off or eyesight is lost.
Or it may be a full-blown heart attack, or stroke, or cancer.  Almost
every physical problem we experience during our entire lifetime, other than
accidents of course, is caused by our attempting to nourish our beautiful, God
made physical bodies with the wrong fuel.

If You Eat The Standard American Diet
You Will Likely Get The Standard American Disease
And Die The Standard American Death
“Is It Worth The Risk It?”
”Take Charge of Your Own Destiny.”

Eat Live……LIVE LONG!
Eat Dead……DIE YOUNG!

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