eating yourself sickAre you eating yourself sick by choosing processed foods or eating yourself healthy by making more natural choices?

What we don’t know about eating could heal us or kill us. Often, pesticides and preservatives are touted as the biggest health damaging issues with the foods we buy, but to be honest, it’s much more basic. Disease, disability and premature death, or eating yourself sick,  have a lot more to do with the basic ingredients in the prepackaged foods we buy.  Nearly all convenience foods sold today contain added sugar, salt or fat.  They are refined and incredibly unhealthy. 
Eating a little sugar seems innocent enough, but it is one of the most harmful things you can put in your body.  Sugar has been found to be as addictive as illegal narcotics like cocaine and heroin.  It works on the brain in the same way by causing it to release dopamine.  This in turn causes a person to crave more sugar.  Why is this bad?  Because, just to name a few, sugar consumption can:
  1. Suppress the immune system so your body can’t fight off illnesses
  2. Weaken your eyesight
  3. Cause premature aging
  4. Cause autoimmune diseases such as: arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis
  5. Increase your chances  of developing Alzheimer’s
  6. Feed cancer cells
  7. Damage your liver

Salt is also added to nearly all prepackaged foods.  While not as addictive as sugar, we develop a taste for it that creates a habit that is hard to break.  Consuming excess amounts of salt can result in swelling and, over time, major kidney, thyroid and liver problems, as well as hypertension, heart disease, muscle cramps, water retention, stroke, heart failure, and even major nervous system disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Fat is not necessarily added to processed foods, but seems tends to be a common factor due to the types of foods packaged for convenience.  Consumption of fatty foods can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, liver damage, and of course obesity. 

Eating foods that are refined or processed, meaning that they have been altered with added ingredients such as sugar, salt, or chemicals, is the quickest way to the grave.  You are literally eating yourself sick.  It may seem to be quicker and easier, but really it’s just taking time off your life.  Before you grab your next fast food or gas station meal, think about what it’s effects will be on your body.  Making healthier choices doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when natural foods come in such handy single serve portions like an apple, a tomato, or an avocado.  Nature does it’s own version of prepackaging things in appropriate size portions for what our bodies need if we’d just pay attention.  The choice is yours and it’s simple, do you want to eat yourself sick or healthy?


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