Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Disease risk

Cardiovascular Disease doesn’t just appear one day. We develop it slowly through out our lives by how we live and especially what we eat. Our dead flesh and dead food diets , along with all the soda pops and dairy products, not to mention alcohol and cigarettes all contribute to our future “Prescription for Sickness.” We don’t inherit disease. We cause it by the habits we inherit. Most of the time Cardiovascular Disease happens in stages.

Stages To Sickness

1)      HIGH CHOLESTEROL….. We eat the dead food diet all of our lives and about 35 to 40 years old our arteries start to harden and crack. The immune system will attempt to fix the cracks by repairing with LDL Cholesterol causing the artery to build up scar tissue over time. You now have high cholesterol!

2)      HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE……Build up of cholesterol causes the arteries to narrow creating pressure on the blood vessels.  You now have high blood pressure!

3)      DIABETES…… When you eat a dead food diet,  consume a lot of dairy products and eat a lot of animal products along with fast foods and sugary treats and you will go into the 3rd stage of Cardiovascular  distress. Now your cells don’t heal your body correctly. They get sluggish and you stop healing and loose your immune system defense. Kidneys eyes and even skin starts to deteriorate. You have lost your ability to heal. Now’s the time to do an about face or the grim reaper will come to call. You now have diabetes!

4)      DEATH ……..At this point your body will give up. When all of your systems (our assembly line, the heart, liver, pancreas, and kidneys) can no longer compensate for each other anymore, everything ceases to function. You die! “Now’s the time to do something to stop the #1 Killer of Americans today.”


“Your Immune System is your Cure. But you have to feed it what it was created to run on.”

“Let Your Food Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine Be Your Food.”

“When Diet Is Right Medicine Is Of No Need.”

“When Diet Is Wrong Medicine Is Of No Use.”