Digital Pulse Analyzer – Letter

Digital Pulse Analyzer – “DPA”

 We at “Heart Line Tests” are pleased to introduce the Digital Pulse Analyzer (“DPA”) – a valuable preventative medical tool that can provide information on arterial wall stiffness and determine the biological age of arteries in less than 3 minutes.

 This FDA cleared, user-friendly, non-invasive device uses a finger probe to observe the changes in pressure, blood flow, velocity and profile throughout the whole pulse wave.

 Aging and disease associated with an increase in cardiovascular events alter the physical characteristics of blood vessel walls and impair function of the arteries by blocking them or causing hardening of the arteries.  Impaired pulsatile function of arteries provides important prognostic and therapeutic information beyond that provided by traditional blood pressure measurements.

 In summary the DPA provides:

  • Early detection of arterial wall stiffness;
  • Biological age of arteries;
  • Information regarding efficacy of treatment choices;
  • A tool to monitor the arterial wall response to lifestyle changes / reduction of cardiovascular risk factors;
  • A powerful visual motivator to improve patient compliance.


“Don’t Let A Tired, Ailing Heart Predict Your Future”


DPA Screening


Thank you for previously getting a cardiovascular screening in 2008 with our, FDA approved equipment, the Digital Pulsewave Analyzer. We are one of many, in our army across the country, fighting the WAR on HEART DISEASE one test at a time. We have a referral network, so anyone in the country can be tested.

We hope you were pleased and learned some interesting and important information to get control of your cardiovascular health. We also hope you shared it with someone. Once a person is educated about what they can do to improve their health and well being, it becomes their choice with what they do about it.

Some people immediately saw the value and importance of L-arginine in our diet and started taking it right away. Some shared the information with other people, who are now benefiting.  It’s really great to help people. On the other hand, some people wanted to think about it and/or start later, but haven’t yet begun. L-arginine is like food, we need it every day. If we don’t eat, what happens?

When you think about the anxiety, pain, agony, time, procedural costs & lost money that being in the hospital costs a person, and their family when they are attacked by heart disease, you can see that being  pro-active is really smart and inexpensive protection in the long run. Just taking L-arginine could give you a better quality of life.  It is such a simple atlernative to preventing future heart disease.


  • Over 1,000,000 heart attacks occur each year.
  • 73 million Americans are at risk.
  • 300,000 people die each year from Sudden Cardiac Death – 100,000 are athletes in perfect health and 45,000 of those are basketball players.
  • The Digital Pulse Analyzer measures hydration level, electrical output of the heart, ejection factor of the heart, arterial stiffness and arterial blockage.
  • Costs for 7 similar tests in a hospital would be $500 to $5000. Our charge is only $40 & $60 for 2.

Cardio Vascular Disease … named “The Silent Killer” is not only High Blood pressure, Heart Attacks & Strokes it is Diabetes, Cholesterol, Erectile Dysfunction, etc, and it is killing 1/3 of our population.

We don’t spend any money on Radio, Television, Newspapers, or conventional advertising. Our business is all done by referral of friends to friends and word of mouth. We can do the tests so inexpensive because we keep our costs down.  We do share with our friends that refer to us by giving them $10.00 for their help.  If you invite 5 people to your house and they are tested 1test is FREE!

Better health, peace of mind,  get it all FREE! How much better can it be?


 Deb Berg                                                                                                                                              

Heart Line Tests / Certified D.P.A. Technician




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