Heart Disease riskAccording to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.  Over half a million people die from it each year, that’s one out of every 4 deaths.  It has reached epidemic proportions in our country and it touches nearly everyone’s life either personally or through a relative or friend.  The worst (and best) fact I can offer you is that the majority of those deaths can be prevented.  

Eat Yourself Healthy, Beat Heart Disease

The easiest way to prevent heart disease is to change what we eat.  We are making a choice to live with heart disease by choosing to eat what’s considered the standard American diet.  By eating more natural foods, more fruits and veggies, and cutting back substantially on meat and dairy, we can almost eliminate our chance of developing heart disease.  It’s a simple change, when you consider how valuable the rewards.  Take a minute to think about how many people heart disease has affected in your family and circle of friends.  Isn’t it worth making the change?

Changing your eating habits can be tough when you’re busy but it’s well worth the effort.  We can help with the convenience through our Farm-acy Fruits and Farm-acy Greens.  They make it super easy to get in all the servings you need each day even if you’re on the go.  Add a daily dose of VascuCleanse to speed up improvement of your heart health.  VascuCleanse is full of not only vitamins and minerals that will help fulfill your nutritional needs, but it also has Arginine and Citrulline.  Arginine and Citrulline can work wonders in helping to remove plaque from your arteries and improve their condition. 

Take control of your health and don’t be a victim of heart disease.

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