How’s Your Heart?

Did you know that 50% of us reading this right now are destined to lose the battle for health and longevity to hardened, inflamed, and clogged arteries known as Cardiovascular Disease? Many times the first sign that a problem even exists is “Sudden Death“. This is not meant to scare you but to let you know… you can change your destiny.


Unfortunately, heart disease is the #1 Killer of Americans Today. Over half of our population today are dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, impotence and other symptoms while never realizing that these are the first signs of cardiovascular disease. These symptoms are especially prevalent among the many truckers we see daily at The Healing Stop.


Most heart attacks and strokes have more to do with poor health of our arteries than our heart (especially true for women over 40). You may ask, is there a way to reverse and even stop the high risk of heart attacks, strokes and all the other related disorders that are prematurely taking over our lives? The answer is yes!