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1)  VascuCleanse Plus….(With L-Arginine) For Cardiovascular Enhancement….  Improves Heart health and assists the body in cleaning out and repairing the arteries.   A nutritional  supplement with vitamins, minerals, antioxidents, omega 3, selenium, Co-Q10, resveratrol, Vitamin D3 and all the B vitamins along with 5000 mgs of L-Arginine with L-Citriline as a delivery system to open up the blood vessels and energize and put oxygen in the blood cells. You might say it is like putting a Fed Ex guy in your blood stream and giving him a gunny sack of supplements to distribute as he scurries through the blood stream in the body.


2)  Farm-acy Greens…Greens Feed Your Body….. A great tasting green drink with organic raw plants, herbs, whole foods, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidant rich vegetables. An easy mixing, great tasting, energizing powder mix loaded with organic raw green plants.  Farm-acy Greens includes barley, kale, spinach, algae, Brussels sprouts, spirulina, and no iceberg lettuce. All natural green foods to feed the body with no sugars or artificial flavors. No fillers, or preservatives. Safe for all diets.


3)  Farm-acy Fruits…Fruits Cleanse Your Body…..A whole fruit drink with no fillers, colors, sweeteners, or artificial anything. All fruit and nothing but the fruit. Farm-acy Fruits has pomegranate, peaches, pineapple and apples and 16 different fruits. No fillers, no coloring, preservatives, sweeteners or sugar. Fruits help your body eliminate toxins and cleanse your kidneys. 





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