Turbo Power Plus


Liquid Mineral Supplement


The #1 selling product of its kind, it can help provide all day healthy energy!

This product contains:

  • Over 72 naturally occurring, plant based minerals (Bio-Mineral Matrix)
  • 17 powerful antioxidants
  • 47 vitamins, enzymes, herbs, and super nutrients
  • With Aloe Vera, Noni, Maqui Berry, and Acai

Turbo Power Plus may give you a burst of energy that lasts all day long.  You should feel better and sleep better when your body is getting the minerals it’s missing.  You may also be more focused throughout the day rather than experience the jitters or crash that come after drinking a typical energy drink.  Drink a one ounce serving each morning and see how much more energized you feel!    

The BioMineral Matrix in Turbo Power Plus provides the highest absorbability of minerals available.

Vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants are important  parts of our overall nutritional regimen.  However, it is critical to understand that the foundation for these other important nutrients is a full spectrum of minerals.  These other important nutrients do us little or no good if we lack adequate mineral nutrition.  Nobel Laureate, Dr Linus Pauling once stated, “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.  

Why does Turbo Power Plus use plant-derived minerals?

You must first know how our bodies absorb and use minerals in order to understand the importance of using plant-derived minerals.  Metallic, chelated and plant-derived minerals are the three types of minerals available..

 Metallic minerals come from ancient sea beds as well as ground up rock and soil. This type of mineral does not mix well with water.  The body can only digest and use around 15 percent because they do not dissolve well.  Therefore, 90 percent of the minerals can’t be absorbed so they pass out of the body.  Doctors sometimes joke about “expensive urine”,  referring to that bright yellow color you see after taking vitamins or minerals.  Most of what you have paid for goes down the drain.

The nutrition industry discovered the absorption problem some time ago.  They developed chelated minerals as a result. Chelated minerals are metallic minerals wrapped with a protein or amino acid.  The body absorbs about 45 percent of chelated minerals because they are easier to dissolve.  Still, 55 percent of minerals pass as waste during digestion.

 Finally we come to plant derived minerals.  Plant derived minerals form a bond with the hydrogen molecules in water.  They are considered “colloidal” minerals.  The are easy to dissolve and absorb because they are water soluble.  The body can use them without passing them through the whole digestive system. Plant derived minerals originally came from the earth through the root of a plant. In essence, a plant already “digested” them. These are the same kind of minerals that come from eating fruits or vegetables.  Plant derived minerals are 98 percent bio-available.   Most are completely absorbed by the body as a result of being very small and easily dissolved.

Turbo Power Plus can help give you all day energy and no nervousness or jitters.

Combine it with a daily dose of VascuCleanse and you might just feel 18 again!

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