VascuCleanse PlusWe’re taking VascuCleanse to the next level!

New and improved Very Berry VascuCleanse Plus is on it’s way! 

If you love our current product, you’ll be blown away by the new formulation.  It’s the same great product, but we’ve boosted the existing ingredients and have added a few things.  VascuCleanse ‘Plus’ has 5 times the Citrulline to enhance the benefits of the L-arginine and double the amount of Vitamin D3 which supports the immune system.  We’ve added Rose Hips and Camu Camu Berry for whole Vitamin C enhancement. 

The new VascuCleanse Plus is a supercharged version of our original product.  It’s geared to give the immune system the ability to take our cardiovascular health to the next level.  We can’t wait to share the new product with all of you!!

We anticipate VascuCleanse Plus will be available in just a few weeks. 

Please help us get the word out!

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