The Vegan Trucker

When asked why he decided to ditch meat and dairy, 65-year-old Dave Conrardy summarizes his complex health situation with the simple explanation..

– “I was dying. That’s what made me go vegan.”


Dave before


Dave after

 At 430 pounds, the big-rig driver was eating three pounds of red meat and a pack of antacids every day. His diabetes was out of control, his kidneys were leaking proteins, and a total of 25 prescription medications were keeping him alive. But the place where his health problems began is where he found a solution: on the road. In 2007, Conrardy discovered the work of raw foodist Gabriel Cousens and started juicing fruits and vegetables at highway truck stops. Picking up produce in small towns, he would head to the highway stops, pull out his dual juicers and a 500-foot extension cord, and set up shop on a picnic table, making three gallons of juice – enough for three days. Just 10 days after adopting this new lifestyle, Conrardy ditched the antacids, and found that it became easier to avoid animal products. “The more I flooded my body with nutrients, not only did I feel better, but my cravings went away.” Fellow truckers dubbed him “the incredible shrinking man” – he lost 230 pounds after 15 months on his new diet and was soon off 24 of his 25 medications. “When I heard about veganism, I didn’t believe it could be this powerful,” says Conrardy.

No longer driving trucks, Conrardy shares his story at conferences worldwide, runs an e-book publishing company, and coaches others on the benefits of a raw diet. The inspirational speaker affirms, “I am committed for the rest of my life to getting the word out.”

Editor’s Note

 Congratulations to Dave Conrardy and may his testimony be an inspiration to others to change their diet from animal-based to plant-based.


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