10 Keys to Wellness


The Bad News: 

You have a 95% chance of dying prematurely and needlessly from heart disease, stroke cancer or diabetes. If you continue the common (“normal”) lifestyle that most people live (out of ignorance), you WILL get the same tragic results that most people get! Is that what you want?

The Good News: 

Your body has the God given capacity to prevent, reverse and cure any condition including obesity, IF you provide it with the following keys it needs for vibrant health.

1. PURPOSE – When you live your life with passion, based on purpose or mission, your immune system is stronger, you are happier, and according to one study, you will live 8 years longer.

2. CONNECTIVITY – When you are connected with people where you feel appreciated and loved, and you love and forgive others, based on one study, you will live 8 years longer.

3. PEACE & JOY– When you live with an optimistic faith in your future, and let go of worry & stress, your immune system will be stronger and you have a far greater chance of living to 100.

4. REGENERATION TIME – An American Cancer Society study on a million Americans over six years found that those who sleep 8 hours a night live longer.

5. SUNLIGHT – Sunlight gives you the Vitamin D and is essential for vibrant health. A lack of sunlight contributes to obesity, diabetes and depression. You need 15 – 16 minutes a day.

6. MOVEMENT – 12%of all deaths (250,000 per year-one every 2 minutes!) is attributed to a lack of physical activity. If you want life and longevity, don’t avoid moving-get moving!

7. SPIRITUAL LIFE– Without a sense of being connected to and loved by a Supreme Being, you will be unfulfilled, less happy and more prone to sickness and premature death.

8. WATER– How clean would the washing machine get your clothes with just one cup of water? Vibrant health, detoxification and disease avoidance requires water-10-12 glasses a day.

9. HEALTHY FOOD – Processed foods, especially high glycemic foods such as sugar, grains and potatoes is slow but sure suicide, and a prescription for heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  If you want health and longevity, honor your body with only whole healthy foods.

10. ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS – The most important nutrients are the ones missing. Because of the nutrition deficient diets we consume today it is absolutely essential that we supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals to replace what we are not getting from what we eat and drink.