We just received this awesome testimonial in June 2019 from Grace S. of Lagrange, IN:

I broke my left ankle 3 years ago in February and after two surgeries and much pain, inflammation and swelling I ended up with another surgery to take the plate and four screws out because my ankle did not heal.  Still much swelling and pain. Nothing seemed to give relief then I was introduced to Turmeric Curcumin with Black Pepper.  After one week of six a day, my pain was gone and soon the swelling was gone.  Now I just take two in the morning and it helps to keep my sore joints and any aches that come along under control.  It has been a wonderful product for me and I recommend it to anyone who needs help. Also I’ve had others use it and they got quick and fast results. To me it’s probably been the best of anything I ever used.

We’re so glad to hear you’re pain free Grace!

A letter received in August 2018 from our longtime customer Coleen Humberg:

I was having pain in my leg, back, knee,  hips, and hands.  They told me I would get arthritis when I got older.   Guess what?  I am older.  I started taking Turmeric Curcumin about the end of May.  The pain started slowly going away.  I take two  pills a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  I have no pain  at all now.  I have not had any problems in this hot humid weather. 

In June I did go and get a bone scan to make sure nothing else was  going on.   It came back fine.  Sometimes I forget I ever had the pain  because it is gone now.  I will probably always take Turmeric Curcumin the rest of my life.  That’s fine as long as it keeps me feeling this good.

Thanks for sharing your story Coleen!


Hi Deb,


I spoke with you over a month ago, when I placed my order.  My husband originally bought Turbo Power at I-80 truck stop while traveling.  We loved it.  We really see and feel a difference.  I just received my 2nd order through you.  You will see an order from our best friends from Willow Street, PA….and a co worker  from Port Deposit, MD will be placing her order when she returns from a vacation.  I just wanted you to know we are spreading the word, but most of all, our friends and family are noticing the difference with us…mentally and physically.


Missy Price – Oxford, PA


Additional Information

 When we first met Deb she was at a truck stop in Ft.Wayne, Ind.  My wife and I walked by her counter where she had a video about what the food we eat is actually doing to our bodies. Needless to say it got our attention. Since then we have used VascuCleanse, and Turbo. Both work well for us and we’re feeling better than ever. God has blessed Deb with the knowledge to help people feel better. We are also followers of Jesus, when she started telling me God’s plan from the beginning for us, and backed it up with God’s holy and true word, we knew she was right. We are loyal customers who will never stray. Thank you Deb for everything.

The Mosley’s


Debbie Malone SAYS:

 “I am 58 years old, live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I have been using your product for almost two years now. In the beginning, I took it twice a day and within that first month or two, I felt my body changing. I lost a few pounds and it became easier to exercise with the help of the cleansing of my vascular system. After only six months, I was able to take it once per day and over time it has changed the internals of my body. My hair and nails have grown stronger, along with my skin having great color, full of fresh oxygen. I have no more digestive issues and nil on the propensity for diabetes. I do have to mention that your libido will go through the roof. I feel better than I have in my past and I recommend this product to anyone who wants to heal yourself from the inside out. Thanks for a great product.”