Watch these three videos to find out how you can prevent and even reverse the statistics. The cause and the solution are not what you think. You won't believe this!

Cardio 911 Part 1

Cardio 911 Part 2

Cardio 911 Part 3

Heart Disease

 Heart disease is the #1 killer causing 50% of all deaths in the United States.


Your food can kill you or heal you! If you are over weight you are probably under noursihed. Find out what most people don't know.

5 Lies

 5 lies about our diet and how it affects our health. We have been lied to, misinformed, and brainwashed. What is the truth?

VascuCleanse Plus with L-Arginine

Clogged arteries cause heart attacks and strokes. VascuCleanse Plus with L-Arginine to the rescue. VascuCleanse Plus and a healthy diet can change your life. 

Total Health Program

You can give your  body what it needs to stop prevent and even reverse disease of the body. Our food is so nutrition deficient, we need help. See just how easy it can be! 

Heart Screening

 How Healthy is Your Heart? Do you really want to know? Heart attacks are many times a silent killer. Sometimes the first sign is the last sign. 

Get a $40 screening and find out where you stand  before it’s too late. 

Healthy Eating: The Rave Diet Part 1

Healthy Eating: The Rave Diet Part 2

Simply Raw: Reverse Diabetes

Healing Cancer From the Inside Out

Raw Food Trucker

See how eating right can change your life!

Seeds of Death: The GMO Truth