Alkaline By Design


The Human body is Alkaline by design, and when it’s in this state, we have energy, vitality, and fitness; however, when it’s acidic, people can experience fatigue irritations, sensitivities, allergies, and inflammation, he stated. “In fact, you cannot have acid without pain… this can be referred to as stage 4 Acidosis”.

  Ideally, a person should be between 7.3-7.4 on the scale of PH test strips, and “by managing the PH of the internal fluids of the body, they will live longer and healthier”.

  Dietary practices that can increase the Alkaline level of the body, when we eat food, not because of its caloric value, but for its electric potential and life force energy. This means a lot of green and raw foods and drinks (which are high in chlorophyll) like parsley, Cucumber, Spinach, Broccoli, Hemp, and Barley type vegetables. Drinking water treated to be more Alkaline is another helpful practice. You can also get mineral drops to add to your water. Increasing the consumption of green foods is the best way to build health in our bodies. If we want healthy bodies, we have to build healthy blood.

But when we cook our foods it kills the living enzymes that are naturally in these foods before we cook them and therefor our immune systems have no tools to rebuild our cells and so begins the breakdown of our organs.