Standard American Diet


     Sadly, most people are on a diet comprised almost totally of the wrong building materials. We call it The Standard American Diet, a DEAD food diet that is loaded with toxins.  Thus, physical breakdown (pinging and knocking) progressively gets louder as they go through LIFE! Maybe it’s a little high blood pressure or high triglycerides here.  Maybe it’s high cholesterol there. Maybe it’s a little arthritis or bursitis.  

Maybe it’s hypoglycemia, or acne, or dandruff, or, or, or…  It may be arthritis, deteriorating to the point where we end up in a wheelchair, or diabetes that deteriorates to the place where a limb needs to be cut off or eyesight is lost. Or it may be a full-blown heart attack, or stroke, or cancer.  Almost every physical problem we experience during our entire lifetime, other than accidents of course, is caused by our attempting to nourish our beautiful, God-made physical bodies with the wrong fuel.

Why plant based foods?

Animal source foods are loaded with fat and too high in protein.

Animal source foods are loaded with animal fat! In fact, the average person on the SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) puts into their physical body some 100 pounds of animal fat each and every year. This fat clogs their arteries and veins and hinders the free flow of blood through their system, as well as the free flow of oxygen to their cells. This fat is the primary cause of cardiovascular problems as it narrows the passageways the blood travels. Most people suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol usually see these readings normalize once they eliminate animal products from their diets and adopt a basically raw plant based diet, along with some exercise. This fat is also the primary cause of diabetes, as the fat coats the cells of the diabetic, preventing the insulin from reaching the insulin receptors within the cell. Most Type 2 diabetics can discontinue insulin use, with normal blood sugar, usually within a very short time after eliminating animal products from their diet and adopting a basically raw plant based diet, along with some exercise.

Animal source foods are too high in protein! This high protein becomes high octane fuel for the growth of cancers and causes many other physical breakdowns. Our bodies do need some protein but not the incredibly high amount of protein found in the flesh and dairy of animals. Remember, all the protein found in animal source food originated in the living plants the animal consumed. All the protein our human physical bodies need is provided in the basically living plant foods. All that I have said above is true, not only of commercially raised animals and their products, but also of organically raised, grass fed, animal source products as well. But when you consume commercially raised animal products, the potential for harm to the physical body becomes even greater.